Cinematic royalty free music

Featuring these artists:

The Moody Monarch
Mystery Machine
Flint Eastgood
Call It Kismet

Cinematic - Drones

Drawn out synths to create a dark atmosphere.

Cinematic - Westerns

Western themes for scenes beyond the prairie.

Cinematic - Action

Add some high tension and drama to your action sequence.

Cinematic - Piano

Cinematic scores filled with piano.

Cinematic - Thriller-Suspense

A collection of suspenseful scores sure to spook you.

Cinematic - Period Piece

A collection of playlists that capture a specific moment in time.

Cinematic - Film/TV, Director & Composer

Inspired by movies and composers we love.

Cinematic - Guitar

Cinematic scores filled with electric and acoustic guitars.

Cinematic - Heroic

Epic orchestral bed for those triumphant moments.

Cinematic - Documentary

Music to keep the audience on their toes.

Cinematic - Horror

Frightening music for your horror scenes.

Cinematic - Disney

Romantic and enchanting music for your perfect fairy tale.

Cinematic - Sweeping, Uplifting

Instrumentals that uplift your mood.

Cinematic - British Drama

Regal strings for a fancy period drama.

Cinematic - Sad

Soft and floaty scores for those sad scenes.

Cinematic - Sports

Thematic orchestral music for those glorious sports moments.

Cinematic - Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Dragons, elves, and Storm Troopers: music for your own fantasy world.

Cinematic - Sappy

Romantic and almost cheesy music for your love interest.

Cinematic - Dark

Capture those dark moments with these moody scores.

Cinematic - Quiet, Sparse

Soft music for a delicate score.