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For a limited time only, use our music in your podcast and win up to $1000. Learn more is a one-stop shop for video creators and podcasters to find songs and sound effects to elevate their content.

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With’s massive royalty-free music library of 70,000 songs and 60,000 sound effects, podcasters like you don’t need to spend hours to look around for good music and sounds to use. Focus on content, not copyrights.

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The exact sound you need to make your podcast stand out.

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Interested in Premium music to use in your podcasts? We’re partnering with labels like Insomniac Records to provide high-quality music that you won’t find anywhere else that you can use in your podcasts without worrying about copyright claims.

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What can I get in the Pro plan?

With our Pro plan you get the same access but with unlimited downloads of all songs and sound effects, plus access to our premium tracks from labels and artists, and the ability to download .WAV files and track stems for only $7.99/month.

What is included in the Free plan?

You can access 65,000 tracks and 60,000 sound effects in the library for 100% free personal podcast use, with a powerful search function and thousands of curated playlists to pinpoint the track for your episodes. You are limited to 5 downloads per month.

Do I need background music for my podcast?

Creative and strategic use of music can significantly enhance episode engagement, potentially paving the way for monetization. If your podcast leans towards informational or educational content, you may want to limit or eliminate background music during the verbal parts. This can establish a serious, authoritative tone and enable your audience to concentrate better on the spoken material. However, you could still incorporate intro and outro music as finishing touches, effectively adding charm and character to your podcast. A thoughtful selection of these elements adds a new level of professionalism to your content.

Why do I need royalty-free music for podcasts?

Most podcast-hosting platforms have built-in mechanisms to detect the use of copyrighted music. If copyrighted music is found and the podcast creator can’t provide a license or permission to use the music, their content will be taken down and their account could be suspended. Besides the platforms’ detection systems, copyright holders also actively monitor content and report suspected copyright infringements to the platforms. Typically the ruling is in the favor of the copyright holders.

Another option for podcast creators is to produce their own music. But for most podcast creators, this is not the best use of their time and it can be very costly. That’s why royalty-free music platforms like are a great resource for podcasters.