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We empower creators with high quality music that's easy to find and safe to use. is the ultimate resource for Twitch streamers seeking high-quality tracks and sound effects to enhance their live streams. Royalty-free Music For Twitch

Choose from 65,000 tracks and 60,000 sound effects,

Tapping into the largest library of 65,000 royalty-free music for Twitch with sound effects eliminates the need for streamers like you to scour the internet for suitable sound for streams. simplifies the process and enriches your Twitch livestreams.

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The exact sound you need to make your livestream stand out.

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Our in-house curation team has put together playlists tailored to your unique Twitch stream needs. Check out our playlists around game titles, game types, genres, and moods.

Discover the perfect royalty-free music for your Twitch stream in seconds, and then focus on bringing the best in the livestreams.

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Still have questions?

Why do I need royalty-free music for Twitch?

Twitch has effectively implemented a recognition system designed to identify the unauthorized use of copyrighted music, particularly in Video on Demand (VODs) and clips. The platform has explicitly stated its intent to issue takedown requests in compliance with the DMCA and copyright laws. When copyrighted material is detected, Twitch may choose to mute or delete the relevant VODs and clips.

While there might exist ways to bypass Twitch's recognition system and broadcast copyrighted music without detection, it's crucial for Twitch streamers to understand that stream with copyrighted music without the proper license is simply a breach of the law.

Streaming without the use of any music, however, is going to another extreme. There may indeed be instances where music could detract from your viewers' experience, but there are equally many occasions where music can enhance viewer engagement. For example, during intermissions between games or while interacting with your viewers, the right soundtrack can add a lively atmosphere to your stream.

What is included in the free plan?

With our Free plan, you can access and stream all 70,000 songs and 60,000 sound effects in the library on your personal channel for free. You can also use the Streamlabs app 100% free as well. If you use any clips or VODs on other platforms you will be required to provide attribution or be subject to claims. You can read more about how to provide attribution for a stream in our FAQ.

What can I get in the Pro plan?

For only $7.99/month, our Pro plan grants you unlimited downloads, access to all 70,000 songs and 60,000 sound effects, premium tracks from labels, and no attribution is required for the use of the tracks in your Twitch livestream or on any other platform.