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Biggest variety

People are always amazed by the depth of our library. We have an insane amount of music, sound-FX and real artists to choose from.

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We have the most affordable plans for beginners and pros alike. All of our plans come with worry-free licensing for any platform.

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As creators ourselves, we know what it’s like starting out. That’s why we have a free-plan that has over 1000 tracks to get you started.

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The biggest variety of music and sound-fx for creators.

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50,000+ tracks
50,000+ sound-fx
Hundreds of sub-genres
Thousands of curated playlists

All of our plans come with worry-free licensing. Personal and Commercial plans are available.

No more copyright strikes. And we cost nearly 50% less than other music libraries.

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Start for free with over 1000 free songs.

We know what it’s like starting out as new video creator, so we made sure you’re covered with great music. And when you need more music, we’ve made it super affordable.

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Worry-free licensing for all of your videos, livestreams and podcasts!

Any online platform. Go nuts.

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Our personal plan covers ALL of your channels.

If you're a freelancer or business, our Commercial plan has you covered.

And YES, you can monetize your content.

Hey musicians -- want access to an audience of nearly 500 million people?

Submit your music.

Retain ownership, earn money, and get your music in the hands of Creators from around the world using's platform.

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Still have questions?

How do I find free tracks?

All tracks that are included in the Free plan have a "Free" sticker on them. You can sort any page of tracks to show Free tracks first by clicking the "Order By" box.

What can I do with a Free account?

You can use any of the tracks marked "Free" in all of your videos, live streams, and podcasts and even monetize your channels. For the remaining 50,000+ songs and 50,000+ SFX, you may listen and play them during livestreams, but a Paid account is required to download and use them in your content.

You cannot use the Free tracks in commercial content and will need the Commercial plan for this.

What happens to my content if I cancel my account?

All of the content you upload during your subscription term is covered forever, even after you cancel. Any content published after your subscription ends will not be covered and will be subject to claims.

I'm buying ads to promote a product on Instagram and Facebook, what plan should I use?

The commercial plan is built for this. Any digital ads and paid media is covered by our Commercial plan.

I am a freelancer. Should I use the Commercial plan?

Yes, with the commercial plan you will be covered for all of your clients work. You can sublicense the music to them so that their channels avoid copyright claims, just simply add their channel info on your account page.

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