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People are always amazed by the depth of our library. We have an insane amount of music, sound-FX and real artists to choose from.

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We have the most affordable plans for beginners and pros alike. All of our plans come with worry-free licensing for any platform.

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As creators ourselves, we know what it’s like starting out. That’s why we have a free-plan that has over 1000 tracks to get you started.

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The biggest variety of music and sound-fx for creators.

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50,000+ tracks
40,000+ sound-fx
Hundreds of sub-genres
Thousands of curated playlists

All of our plans come with worry-free licensing. No more copyright strikes. And we cost 50% less than other music libraries.

Monthly Plan: $12.99
Annual Plan: $95.99

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Start for free with over 1000 free songs.

We know what it’s like starting out as new video creator, so we made sure you’re covered with great music. And when you need more music, we’ve made it super affordable, starting at just $12.99 a month.

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Worry-free licensing for all of your videos, livestreams and podcasts!

Any online platform. Go nuts.

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ALL of our plans cover ALL of your channels.

And YES, you can monetize your content.

Hey musicians! Join the revolution and submit your music.

Retain ownership, earn money, and get your music in the hands of Creators from around the world using's platform.

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Still have questions?

What's the best way to find music for your project?

There are really two main ways to find music on Smart Search and Vibes. We think our Smart Search is the best in the business and you should definitely try it out (use movie titles, artist names, pop culture references, your favorite YouTuber... just about anything!). Our Vibes on the other hand are curated selections by our staff. They are meant to evoke a feeling or a type of scene. They will be both familiar and surprising — start browsing and you'll quickly find music you'll love.

If you've tried searching or browsing our vibes and still can't find that perfect song — try us on live chat (bottom right of the webpage) or you can always email us and our in house music curators will help you out.

How does the Free account work? gives free users 1,000+ free tracks and stems to start. You can use these in all of your videos, live streams, and podcasts. Even with Free tracks, you're able to monetize your channels.

For the remaining 50,000+ songs and 40,000+ SFX, you may listen and play them during livestreams. But a Paid account is required to download and use them in your content.

You are not able to download tracks that do not have a "Free" label, create projects, or access our Artist Drops and contests.

What do I get with a Paid account?

A Paid account gives you unlimited downloads to all 50,000+ tracks and 40,000+ Sound FX. These sounds can be added to your content on unlimited channels on any digital platform, such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, podcasting platforms, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo and more. You can monetize your channels without worrying about copyright strikes or demonetization.

Where can I use the music?

With a subscription, you are covered on all digital platforms. The same goes for all of our Free tracks (look for the “Free” label on any songs to download and use them).

Any other media such as film, broadcast television, satellite radio are not covered. If you are interested in using our music for this usage, please contact our team at: and you can purchase this license for $99 per track.

Can I use the music as stand-alone audio or as a music only video?

No. You cannot make a song video, for example, or a video with a visualizer or static images with the full song from  Our music is meant to be used in your content - it is not meant to be the content.

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