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Still have questions?

What is the difference between Free and Pro?

We’re glad you asked. 

Our Free plan is always free and provides access to 65,000 high quality music tracks and 60,000 sound effects. With our Free plan you can only download up to 5 tracks per month and you are required to credit the artist by copying and pasting our License Link in the description of your video or post to avoid claims.

Our Pro plan, however, lets you download unlimited songs and sound effects every month, and does not require you to provide attribution with a License Link. Plus you get access to Premium songs from artists and labels, and you can download the .WAV file and the stems for a specific song to enhance your editing capability.

I’m a freelancer. Can I use the free plan or should I sign up for the Business plan?

You need the Business plan. The free plan is for individual creators only. If you are a business, make content for clients, or use paid media and digital ads, the Business plan is made for you. It allows you to sublicense the music to clients so they avoid copyright claims simply by adding their channel info on your account page.

Do I have to credit the Artist?

If you are a free plan user, you need to show the artists love by putting the License Link  in your chat, video description, or post. Simply copy and paste the info provided at download or by clicking the "i" button on the track bar.

If you are a paying subscriber then attribution is appreciated but not required.

Can I really use for free?

Yes. Our Free plan is always free for individual creators who need music for content on their personal channels. No credit card is required. When you create an account you can use all 65,000 songs and 60,000 sound effects and monetize your personal channels (1 per platform), including YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and more.

All you need to do is credit the artist and the song in the description or chat of your video, stream, or post by using that track’s License Link.