Big Havi’s Gotta Keep Goin’ Collab

Artist Info
East Atlanta-based rapper Big Havi writes introspective songs about his life experiences, particularly his struggles with friendships and relationships. Switching between hard rapping and Auto-Tuned singing, he first achieved success in 2019 with his acoustic guitar-driven trap single “9 Times Out of 10” featuring Lil Baby.

Creative Brief
Big Havi’s new album “Personal Problems 3" drops January 27, 2023 and the first single off the record is “Keep Goin”. We’re looking for you to help share the song by creating either a TikTok or a YouTube Short that showcases you following your heart in the face of a challenge or adversity.

Submission Guidelines

· Submit EITHER a TikTok video or YT Short, not both.
· Video must be at least 15 seconds long.
· Post must tag the following users: @bighavi
· Caption/Description must include hashtags: #gottakeepgoin, #bighavi

Collab Closed



Start earning per view at 500 views
Total given out

Still have questions?

How much can I earn?

Earn $10 once your submission reaches the minimum milestone of 500 views, then continue to earn more with every additional view! Earning halts when the challenge closes or you reach the Max Reward.

Can I submit two videos? Or one YT Short and one Tiktok?

No.  You can only submit one video on the platform of your choice.

How do I provide you with my payment info?

Your payment info is entered as part of the submission link above.

What is the minimum number of views to start earning?

Once your video passes 500 views, you’re in the money and will start earning a payout!

When will I be paid?

Once the Collab submission period ends, we will verify and pay all valid submissions within 30 days.

What are the eligibility requirements?

You must be over 18 and have a valid PayPal or Venmo account.